Vantage Point Global is a design leader for all-inclusive media solutions. Certified nationally as a WBE|DBE|SLBE, we have designed our firm to capture and manage every aspect of commercial development essential to building your corporate portfolio. With services ranging from verifiable documentation during construction phasing to vibrant, sophisticated architectural interior design and commercial building imagery, we are positioned to provide you visual documentation throughout every stage of your endeavors. Our approach incorporates the versatile integration of aerial and time-lapse photography, digital progress documentation photography, video and cinematic documentaries, QA/QC video logs, PR and marketing campaigns and final product imagery. Our commissioning and close out team creates state of the art O&M training tools, which merge audio and video media into power point series. Innovative technology allows us to provide an alternative to the typical linear sequences of design enabling you to use multiple forms of media logically grouped together to create the best products available to fully document, archive and market commercial development.

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