Vantage Point Global’s expertise in providing geo-located visual documentation of development projects from the ground and air has reduce costs for our clientele in the hundreds in millions of dollars over the last thirteen years.  Owners, general contractors and architects alike utilize our photographic records to reduce liability cost, mitigate claims, identify design impact conflict and monitor quality on a daily basis. Vantage Point Global has proudly supported more than 31.5 million square feet of large capital development scope to date.

VPG is recognized as a subject matter expert in the field of visual documentation services. Since 2007, our proprietary software tools have provided virtual access to the projects vetting recordable return on investments, which exceed 4 to 20 times the cost of our services. In addition to providing routine documentation of all interior and exterior physical assets, living both above and below ground level, VPG embeds valuable metadata into each visual record including date, geo-location, plan-location.

Online access to VPG’s documentation is provided through a secure password-protected portal.  Images are organized and categorized onto project drawings throughout the life of the build.  Whether utilized to support RFI or associated reporting, as a visual aid during meetings, or to enhance remote conversations virtual access to the field has proven to be highly valuable.   After the completion of the project the visual data is compiled into a PDF report and shared with operations and maintenance teams to support minor maintenance, major repair and warranty issues that may arise.

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