Vantage Point Global’s proprietary software has reduced millions of dollars in unforeseen costs during construction projects. Additionally, our software deliverable continues to create returns during day-to-day operations and maintenance for the life of the facility. vpDiscovery Software effectively manages thousands of geo-located, time, plan coordinate and date stamped visual records before, during and after construction activities by linking photographic and video data to electronic project plans through a secure cloud-based interface. Our software enables virtual access to every square foot of builds with third-party inspection grade visual documentation providing a trusted resource for as-built historical visual records

A glance at a few of the navigable interfaces inside vpDiscovery:

vpDiscovery Exteriors

>Populates colored indicators directing users to visual vantage points by location and/or date
>Enables rapid identification of geo-located visual data
>Provides exposed views of underground, inlaid, and enclosed utility and communications at close range>Supports GIS integration
>Hosts aerial photogrammetry with dimensional modeling & measurement


vpDiscovery Interiors

>Colored Vantage Point indicators note where visual data exists
>Visuals cover every square foot of interior scopes with multi-perspective views
>Embedded metadata includes plan coordinate, cardinal direction, GPS, weather data, and image description on every file.
>Multi-tiered, quality assurance and inspection tools

vpDiscovery As-Builts

>Detailed As-Builts for slab on grade and elevated decks prior to concrete
>Virtual field walk, with roaming in 360 degrees of sight, forward and backward, left to right
>Inspection grade resolution
>Compare and Contrast Different Dates
>Slide Show Film Strips

Multi-Perspective As-Builts

>360-degree scalable visuals recorded every 45-degrees, with single points in narrow areas.
>(Shown) Filmstrip with most recent image, with interior tiered windows of identical views from previous dates within a single mouse click.
>Inspection grade resolution
>Compare and contrast different dates side-by-side
>Embedded metadata includes plan, date, GPS, direction (plus)

Locate, Scale, Navigate, and Metadata

Zoom, Dynamic Movement by date/location, and Compare/Contrast Features

Multiple functionality features provide superior customizable workflow, for use in remote and localized meetings.

360 Degree Navigation

Superior visual coverage includes pre-and-post construction (existing conditions) survey data on the same platform as underground, exterior, interior and roof visuals. All photography and videos are embedded with detailed metadata.  Our VPG Command Center provides adjustable privileges on a user-by-user basis. With a full-time software team, we can design and code new features creating unapparelled customer service.

 Customizable Search

Customize the database search by date range, location, plan coordinate and other relevant indicators


Annotation & Messaging

Interdepartmental Share, Communication, RFI logs, Claim/Legal and other Supports Linkable Inside vpDiscovery


These images are screenshots taken from our proprietary mapping software.
The images are a set of directional shots taken during expansion construction.

The team at Vantage Point Global invites you to schedule an online, or in person presentation of our software and visual documentation services. Our introductory demos highlight current and recent projects, with in-depth information about our photography and videography services, our safety performance, various online communication and share solutions, a description of multi-layered supports and a full explanation of our period of performance options. Our presentations are interactive, providing you a first opportunity to experience the software and navigate first-hand through the user-friendly layers of features.

We encourage you to call for more information, or to book an interactive remote demonstration of the software at 702.299.5112.



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