Vantage Point Global’s expertise in collecting spatially accurate visual documentation has been credited for saving millions of dollars on large capital development projects. Our visual mapping supports enhance construction liability management, day-to-day operations, QAQC oversight, and owner operations and management scopes.

VPG’s visual documentation support includes commercial, large scale residential, superstructure and civil infrastructure scopes. Secure, encrypted online access to project visual data enables approved users to scale, navigate and inter-departmentally communicate using visual documentation that is paired with critical path metadata and project electronic drawings. Our software is fully integrable with industry leading cloud document storage services. We offer support from pre-construction through final punch; with options for continued return on investment after projects are tenant occupied and fully operational.

construction documentation

As-built photographic documentation is embedded into our cloud-based mapping software. This data is geo-located and positioned onto project electronic drawings from pre-construction through final punch completion, with tools enabling annotation, navigation, integration and share/attach capabilities.

mapping software

VPG’s cloud optimized software supports liability management, while measurably reducing project costs on a daily basis. Time and location stamped visual data enables the owner, design team and general contractor to remotely access, monitor, email, download, attach and virtually annotate atop construction documentation collected throughout the entire construction cycle. Our final deliverable continues to enhance productivity and reduce owner cost during facility operations and management.


We bring enhanced vision, bold creativity and professional lighting techniques together to create a one-of-a-kind portfolio of images of your product line.


VPG offers a complete array of oblique and vertical aerial photography and video services, complete with mapping and interactive date stamped software that offers unmatched scalability. All VPG drone pilots hold Commercial FAA Certifications.

project cams

Project webcams allow clients real-time virtual access to the interior and exterior of job sites, inventory yards, and fully functioning facilities. Available from any computer, smart phone, or rich media tablet device with secure password protection.



VPG’s videography team utilizes the highest professional media equipment, on location, to provide full audio-video development and production services.


Vantage Point Global – providing expedited processes · innovative environments · live photographic mapping · visual documentation · work safety · time lapse web feeds · reduced risk · customized software · archiving

​“The features available on VPG’s live photographic mapping software allow my team members to expedite necessary RFI processes daily. With immediate responses to many of our concerns and questions, we are able formulate real- time solutions efficiently allowing my team and subcontractors to remain engaged in the field and on schedule.”

William Hannah

Senior Superintendent, Hunt Construction Group

“VPG’s ability to place high quality well-lit images of time sensitive issues have significantly impacted expedited responses on many fast track projects. Reducing risk to owners during the ever-expanding development of aviation facilities in America is a key factor to success. I consider Vantage Point Global’s team and solution to be an integral piece of this process.”

R. Clay Paslay

Paslay Management Group

“As a Safety Consultant, I recommend Vantage Point Global to my clients as an excellent tool for documenting precise locations of all electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems for future reference. Many fatalities and severe injuries occur every year due to inadvertent contact with hidden or buried utilities. Utilizing Vantage Point Global’s services will help your maintenance department work safely while preventing costly and unplanned interruptions to operating facilities. “

Steve Bowers

CSP President, Global Safety Management Consultants

“I have come to have great appreciation for the innovative environment Vantage Point Global has created for the civil and commercial construction markets, interfacing electric design line drawings with visual documentation. The ability to combine video-progress QC documentation, aerial photography and time lapse webcam feeds into their database has further expanded the functionality of their exceptional web based software.”

Ralph Ketchum

Vice President, Austin Commercial

“VPG customized their software to interface with our systems, while incorporating features dedicated to our scope to meet the complex parameters found in our design-build project. I recommend Vantage Point as an exceptional answer to archiving and visual documentation for construction contractors and owners alike.”

John Maranowicz

Sr Project Manager, Walsh Construction Grouo

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