Permanent Visual Documentation Assists Owners & Developers In:

  • Logistical and Pre-Construction Planning- Ground & Aerials
  • Detailed High Resolution Scalable Digital Photography and Video
  • Verifiable Visual Data Permanently Linked to Electronic As-Built Drawings
  • Enhanced Quality Control and Assurance Reference Tool
  • Irrevocable Sequential Time & Date Record of Critical Path Activities
  • Daily/Monthly Report Visual Documentation and VIsual Constraint Log
  • Remote Monitoring and Inspection of Trade Work
  • Inspection Report and Work Completion Verification
  • Schedule Completion Visual Documentation
  • RFI – OAC Communication
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Commission Close Out Spec O & M Tutorials/ Reduction in Cost of Training/ Refresher-training
  • Advanced Security Measures/ Lower Liability / Preventative Theft
  • On-site Inventory Management/ Increased Risk Management
  • Warranty Issues Mitigation
  • Stunning, Sophisticated Final Product Visual Marketing Campaign
  • Public Relations & Event Photography
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